You want the best education for your children. That’s why great schools are at the top of your list of priorities when buying a new home.

Coronado’s renowned school system attracts parents, and even youngsters themselves, from near and far. With decades of combined experience living, working, and parenting in Coronado, here are seven things Del Coronado Realty knows about the schools on the island:


1. The School District is a Perennial Award Winner

The Coronado Unified School District is a consensus top school district not just in San Diego, but also in all of California. Four Coronado schools have been named California Distinguished Schools, two have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools, and one is recognized as a demonstration site for the state.


2. Parents’ Voices Are Heard

Our district consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Compare this tight-knit system to larger school districts with hundreds of thousands of parents, and you’ll see an inspiring opportunity to get involved in your child’s education, whether through tutoring, sports, or any other initiative you find a passion for. 


3. Families Move Here Just for the Schools

Many clients come to us looking to buy in Coronado, specifically so they can place their children in the Coronado Unified School District—and you thought perfect weather, pristine sand, and panoramic city views were the main draws!


4. The Kids Are Welcoming

Since Coronado has a large military population, the children here are accustomed to seeing new faces regularly. That means your child will feel at home from their first day of school and won’t be “the new kid” for long.


5. Art Lives Here

When we said that even youngsters themselves covet a Coronado education, we were referring to Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA), where nearly three-fourths of the student body comes from outside of Coronado. San Diego’s premier performing arts high school, CoSA is located on the Coronado High School campus and offers classes in everything from theatre to music to visual art. The program is extremely competitive and equally successful.


6. Sports, Too

Coronado High School offers almost every major sport imaginable and consistently produces some of the most competitive teams in the state. In 2014, US News ranked Coronado High School in the top 1 percent of public high schools nationwide. Many of our athletes–particularly those in baseball, soccer and lacrosse–go on to excel at the next levels of their respective sports.


7. Coronado School Are Safe, Central, and Beautiful

Academic success aside, schools in Coronado offer all of the qualities you’re looking for. Between the island’s low crime rate and small area, it is unequivocally safe for your child to get to and from school. Meanwhile, top facilities, passionate teachers, and a caring staff make for an atmosphere where education is truly enjoyable.  


Looking to learn more about Coronado before you make the decision to move here? Del Coronado Realty can tell you everything you need to know. Visit our blog at for ongoing tips and insight, or call us at 619-437-1888 with any questions you might have.