Local Coronado-based young entrepreneurs are vying to win the #BecauseOfYea contest and need your help in the form of likes, views, and shares!  Help support this new local business by checking out their shop, Hang 10 Shaved Ice, located between 10th St. and Park Place. Also,

don’t forget to take a look at their FacebookYoutube, and Twitter.

The Young Entrepreneur Academy, or YEA, is a nationwide program offering year long classes for middle and high school students. The classes teach entrepreneurial skills like leadership and communication skills by challenging students to start actual local companies and social movements. You can learn more about YEA at yeausa.org.

#BecauseOfYea is a contest set up by the YEA that challenges YEA program graduates to create a 30-45 second video, then accumulate the most support from within you community, as measured by the “combined number of likes, shares, favorites, and retweets”. More info can be found here.