Coronado schools are among the best in California. Four schools in the Coronado Unified
 School District have been named California Distinguished Schools, two have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools, and one is recognized as a demonstration site for the state.


Many parents move here just so their kids can have access to a world-class education in a safe, welcoming, and walkable community. And, many families who don’t officially become Coronado residents will rent just for the school year, meaning your Coronado vacation home is a hot commodity even in the middle of winter.


International Influx

Coronado has always been extremely popular for summer rentals, but we’re starting to see substantial growth in the demand for school year rentals. Many families—particularly those from other countries—will rent in Coronado through the year and then spend the summer back home.


For example, a father will secure a job in San Diego and move the family to Coronado. The entire family is together for most of the year while the kids get an award-winning education. Come summertime, the whole family might fly home, or the father might stay for work and rent a small studio across the bay in Downtown San Diego. When summer is over, the family will return and rent again.


What This Means for Vacation Homeowners

Traditionally, renting out a vacation home during the off-season can be rather difficult. The same goes for finding a 9-months renter.


However, the Coronado market is unique. Our schools have become so coveted that school year rentals are now almost as popular as summer rentals. The year-round demand means you can:


·      Rent your property to a family for 9 months.

·      Enjoy your vacation home in summer.

·      Or, rent out the home in summer, too.


In the majority of markets across the country, you might estimate you’ll be able to viably rent out your vacation home for 6 to 8 months of the year. In Coronado, it is possible and common to earn rental income from your vacation home for 9 months or more—perhaps even year-round if you wish!


Finding the Right Vacation Home

School year rentals are most popular in the center of town, called the Village. However, the Shores and the Cays also offer a world of options. To take the first step toward owning a vacation home in Coronado, contact Del Coronado Realty at 619-437-1888.